Snow Rally City Stage 3D

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Android Games
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The T-Mobile G1 helped introduce what could possibly be the most explosive handheld operating system for developers – Google’s Android platform; promising OpenGL graphics, full open-source development, and high customizability. However, we have not yet seen the release of T-Mobile’s fully paid Market making developers shy away from releasing high-quality applications. Handango and developer OmniG Software have decided to circumvent this by releasing games without using T-Mobile’s Market application – the first being Snow Rally City Stage.


• City racing courses featuring stunning city scene
• Rally cars with lifelike physics and dynamics simulation
• Advanced game opponent AI generates exciting racing experience
• Endless challenge with the randomly generated racing courses
• Distinct Music design customized for each rally course

Copy the .apk file inside the archive to your phone’s SD Card, browse the SD Card via your phone, install the application. You might need a third party file explorer, grab ES File Explorer for free on the Android Market.


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